Working Together (Poem)

You either are who you are,
Or you are who you aren’t,
Life is unfair or is it not,
It’s all in perspective,
Based on how you see things,
Get up in the morning,
Go to bed in the evening.

Life has a strange way,
Of giving us what we need,
We don’t think we want it,
But we’d beg if we didn’t have,
That just exact same thing,
We just turned our noses up to.

So just be a big snob,
Say that we are one and the same,
Nothing too flashy or showy,
Just a dull hue in the distance,
That place we can’t reach,
Or we aren’t sure we should go,
Where dreams and reality,
At times actually meet up.

Stepping out and away,
We can take it all in,
See safely from the shoreline,
Of all the options we have,
Just stand and survey,
Without taking a risk,
We’d have to jump in,
Before we know if we can swim.

Deep dark abyss or cool evening breeze,
We can create something beautiful,
By just whispering a single name,
The love in our heart released to the world,
Can create a new world order,
Where rainbows and lightening finally get along.


2 thoughts on “Working Together (Poem)

  1. Beautiful! Life does have a strange way of giving us what we need. What a good reminder! I sometimes have to be ever so mindful that I keep this perspective when I am not able to see the whole picture. Thanks for sharing your poetry with us! Very inspirational for me today. 🙂

    • I appreciate your comment and each one is so uplifting for me. I am glad that my words can impact you, because that is all that I want. I hope to inspire others. I hope that you continue to read and create yourself. 🙂

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