Creativity Takes All Forms

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. After continuing to search around the blogs for creative themed blogs, I have found a lot of different types. Honestly, the importance of creativity isn’t in what type of things you are creating, but just that you are creating period.

I have found wonderful hope and inspiration in artists that I have found. There are DIY blogs that are extremely detailed and the end results are wonderful creations. I envy those who are able to create things from just a few items and come up with something beautiful and appealing to the masses. I can’t say that I am really a crafty type person, but maybe I just haven’t found the right inspiration.

Art all too often comes from the emotions we are feeling. We do and see things in different ways based on how we ourselves are feeling. Art might be bright, vibrant and beautiful but we are feeling down and depressed so that might not be what we are looking for, but we can look a little further and see the right picture or hear the right song and it just works. Being creative doesn’t mean that we create something that everyone wants, but something that others can relate to and find meaning in.

I write poems and fiction because that is the ability that I have been given. I do try my hand at photography and drawing from time to time as well, but from what I have seen there are so many others who do that so much better than I. I think it’s always encouraging to see how talented others are around you. Don’t let the talent of another hinder or stop you, use that to inspire you.

Look at art in ways that allow you to see what can I take from it and use it to create something original or your own. Life is more exciting and tolerable, to be honest, if you live your life inspired. We all live our daily lives, grinding at way at the things that we have to do, but if we stopped for a moment to express ourselves we never know what we could create. We could be the next big thing as an artist, painter, writer, musician, or whatever, just take what you see and share your expression with the world.

Have a creative project you want to share? Let me know about it. Let me re-blog and feature your work here. Comment below, send me an email or use tag creativity lives or #creativitylives or #beingcreative on Twitter and I would be glad to share your talent. Help continue to prove to the world that creativity lives!! Get out there, create and inspire!!


2 thoughts on “Creativity Takes All Forms

  1. What you have written here is very beautiful. You have captured what it means to experience creativity. Very inspiring! Inspiration in the moment just feels so great. I feel like I can meet the challenges that life sometimes presents when I am riding on a wave of inspired creativity. It is why I get up in the morning and why I feel good within my relationships. I agree with you that the creating itself is what it is all about. It is sometimes difficult to remember this when we are being bombarded by others who see our creations, our daily work, our organizational habits, our procrastination . . . as not being “quite right.” Perhaps this is not a common thing that we encounter directly, but there are those indirect ways that others let us know that our path is somewhat misguided, according to ____. Thanks for sharing such uplifting words with us. They certainly have inspired me to create today!

    • I am completely humbled by your reply. I am glad that you felt inspired by my words, that is what I hoped they would do and that is really all any artist could hope for from their creations. I think it’s so important to create from what we have around us. If you did create something, care to share your creation with me? I would love to see it and share with others. Thanks again.

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