I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Violence!

I have been falling behind on these posts lately and although I have been focusing on creative endeavors, opinion pieces are just that. We are asked to look at something, form an opinion and then articulate just what you have to say about it. Every day we all do this, whether it is conscious or not, we all make our opinions know about the news we hear and events that happen around us. This week, I am focusing on a sad event that happened in a Connecticut high school.

CNN: Connecticut teen accused in slashing death of classmate charged as adult

Summing up the story, a young girl Maren Sanchez, 16 was killed by a fellow student on the day of prom. This is a heartbreaking story all around. The reasons for the senseless murder are yet to be determined yet it appears it might hurt or revenge due to the girl turning down the other student. The other student has been arrested, after heartlessly admitting what he did and is being tried as an adult.

This raises a lot of questions and alerts. Why is a student able to do this? There is not enough security in schools these days, it seems like there is a story every day about a school being locked down or evacuated due to different reasons. They have put metal detectors in some schools, but do we really want our students to live like that? If it keeps them safe, but it could still happen outside of school, if these things are in cars. What is the solution?

In the modern age, is there a solution to this? What has created this phenomena of students being deadly and taking each other lives? Is it social media, violence in media, over crowding, lack of funding, teacher shortages and the list could go on? There are many reasons that it could be, but a decline in home and family life has to account to this in some way. Families no longer sit and eat together, what you know about your kid you learn from social networks. Parents are trying to keep food on the top and a roof over their kids head, while the kid suffers.

Are we heading in the right direction as a society? I don’t think that we are. Can we go back? I wish, but life doesn’t work that way. I think that we need to work harder creating connections and understanding. We need to listen to those around us, genuinely care about other people. Is that even possible in the world we live in today? Maybe it isn’t but events like this one and all the others we continue to read about, will only continue to grow and become more prevalent. We need to find a way to connect and teach kids what they should and should not be doing and not continue to fill the news with these and other stories like it.

Got something say? Let me hear it. Send me an email thepursuit.beingcreative@gmail.com or comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say about these stories or my other #creativitylives project. Want to contribute to either, I would love to have you take part in it. Spread the word and get involved. Keep creativity alive!! Until next time…


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