Re-Blog: Tribal Pattern Coptic Book!!!

In honor of my last post, I have already begun my search for creativity around the WordPress world! I am glad to say that I have been pleasantly surprised with what I have found so far. Creativity is dead?? I think not and this first blogger that I have found, her blog called “Rachael Anita Creates”, proves just that.

With the first of possibly a few re-blogs from this site, I wanted to highlight her skill and talent. Not only does she draw, illustrate and design, but she combines all that to make wonderful creations such as this “Tribal Patten Coptic Book”. She is the kind of person that will inspire others and promote creativity for the masses.

I want to congratulate her for keeping the passion going and spreading her love and skill with others. Be sure to check out her page and other social sites to find out what all she creates as well as how you can help support her.

Creativity lives and I will continue to prove it!


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