Creativity is dead?!

So what is it you are saying or what is it that you want to say? It is like a post I did a while back asking “what is it you really want?” In order to succeed, you first must decide what is it that you really want before you can pursue it with all you have inside of you. If you fail to see what it is you want, then you fail to get it. That is a pretty simple concept right? It is the same if you are not sure what it is you want to say.

This world is filled with people who want to “say” something but in the end they just ramble about nothing. Just like this blog, it has shaped itself with my own life and wants and now I am too trying to decide what is it that I want to say. I want to write my novel and to promote and encourage creativity, that will never change. I think my way of going about it might change though.

I have been writing more reviews and connecting with people through that writing. I am hoping here to do just the same thing except in a more focused way. I want to promote and nurture writing and art in whatever way that is can be expressed. I am the kind of person that I have a thousand and one interest so whatever form I choose that day or week to express it, is right for me.

I want to say that art/creativity is a dying and unless we start now nurturing it and building it, we will lose all we once gained. Fiction writing, reviews, art, photographs, music, whatever is your passion pursue it. I want to highlight some of the best art/artists that I find around the blogging world on here. I want to search through other blogs and re-blog the post(s) I find to help revive love and passion for creativity.

Get those creative thinking caps on and write, blog, photograph the best creative things you can do and I will re-blog it here. I hope to find others that I can feature each week or possibly for a month depending on content. If you would like to be featured or think you know someone who should be let me know. Comment below (pingback) or send me an email at Help keep creativity alive!!! Long live art, creativity and all things artistic!!


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