Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger! I have been neglectful of my writing and also my fellow bloggers here. I have been dedicating myself to my writing with the examiner and I feel like all other writing has fallen to the wayside. I did not do my weekly segment this week and I have been thinking about it but I have been busy and have not even really looked around the news to see what I could or should write about. Should anyone want to jump in and make a post for this week, please by all means the “podium” is yours, so to speak.

Life has a tendency to get away from you, despite best laid plans. There are moments that we can plan for and work towards, but then there are things that are just out of your control. Just like writing for the examiner, on there I write movie and theater reviews. I am lucky that I live in a place that has a lot of theaters around and so I have many different performances and locations to attend. A few weeks ago, I had four shows in four nights, so that is more than a little busy for myself. Not only am I attending the productions then I have to work on writing the articles/reviews and of course that is on top of having a full time job, so time is more than a little crunched.

How do you make time and do all the things that you need to do mixed with all the things you want to do? I have just recently been introduced to a fabulous gamed called “Heavy Rain” and it has been completely consuming too. It is a maddening game where I have to discover who the origami killer is and also save “my” son before he is killed by this serial killer. I think I am at least half way done with this game, but I just want to know who the killer is. I have my theories, but I am not sure how off I am, but based on evidence, I have a solid reason for believing the killer is the killer. I am not even a gamer, but this game has completely sucked me in. I want to know…must. keep. playing! Sorry, my own little meltdown moment there.

Anyway, that was sort of a side note up there, but honestly what it all comes down to is management. How do you manage your time? What is it that you use to keep yourself on track? I have no doubt that there are tons of apps out there to help schedule yourself and keep yourself on track of course that is mixed with all the other none technology options like making to do lists or writing things on dry erase boards. I find that writing things in calendars and setting reminders is a good way of guilting yourself into action. I guess for me though, it hasn’t really worked. I should be done with my novel in a little over a month and I am only half way through and I even had reminders. What is my problem?!

Am I poor at keeping myself on track? Well, there are some that could say that, but writing online has helped not only my writing skills but also my dedication. It is not the same as writing reviews or articles as writing fiction, but it is still writing. I need to dedicate myself to writing and doing what I say, for now I admit that I am a bad blogger and seek your forgiveness and understanding and the promise that I will do better 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. I know how you feel – it can be very hard to stay disciplined and not let yourself get distracted. I find it helps to start the week with a minimum list of things I will complete come hell or high water. You can then break that down into what you’ll do each day. The trick is to be realistic and not demand too much of yourself, so that it’s quite easy to achieve your minimum. Anything you complete over and above your weekly objectives is then a bonus and you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You should be kind to yourself too, and not be too self-critical if you don’t do all the things you think you should. The trouble with writing is that life tends to get in the way!

    • Thank you for the reply. I think that sounds like a great idea, start small and build. I try to do that, but just like you say that life gets in the way. I think I just have my hands in a lot of pots so to speak so I just have to figure out what works for all of it. How do I work work, writing, life and everything else in and make it all work for me. Thanks again for reading and the suggestion. It’s great 🙂

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