Real Beauty (Poem)

A picture of perfection,
The ideal smile and laugh,
You are an image of absolute joy,
The very idea of what we all should be.
But you aren’t real just an image,
You are the one that we try,
To kill ourselves to be just like,
And we always seem to fail.

Why do you create such things,
The beauty that is only skin deep,
Just put on some make up and blush,
You will be as pretty as me.

So let me kill myself today,
To be the beautiful you want to see,
Just so you can tear me down again,
If I should somehow show imperfection.

So I am not be a “beauty queen”,
A complete image of outward perfection,
I don’t want to be a perfected image on a screen,
But a voice that is more beautiful than all those pictures you see.


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