Knowledge and Knowing

There are so many things that we deal with, see and attempt to understand every day in our lives and so often we end up just not knowing. There are so many things that we can learn about, find interesting, seek knowledge about, it’s never ending. We can drive ourselves crazy with knowing and wanting to know but never being able to know and trying to somehow make that ok. So how can we live in a world and live our lives being comfortable with not knowing?

I guess in essence that is the meaning and purpose of faith. There are things in life and history that we can attempt to know and understand, but we can never really “know” because we just don’t have the capacity. There are some things that we must do our best to educate ourselves about and then just accept tidbits on faith. We must understand and come to accept that there are something’s that we just can’t know, just because it’s not actually possible.

Does not knowing really mean that we are stupid or ignorant? I don’t think that we are capable or that we even should know all that there is in the world and the universe. I think that just like knowing the future, we should not know certain things. I don’t think that we should use that as an excuse to not try to gain knowledge but we should use it eventually to say this is all that I am able to know and I accept that.

We must simply know enough so that we can live the best life possible. I think that love and knowing ourselves is one of the hardest and greatest things that we can do. I know that it does encompass a lot of things and that we have to be able understand psychological, philosophical and other concepts, but do we need to be experts in order to do that? No I don’t think so. I think we need to focus on who we are and what we believe and those who are around us every day. We can know everything in the world and still miss the most important things. Love, hope, inspiration, those are the things that we need to hold on to because in the end, if we are the smartest person in the world yet had no one, what did our lives really mean?


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