Chaotic Musings (Poem)

A sickness you say,
Do you have it,
No I don’t,
Just admit,
That is half the battle.

Who are you,
What do you know,
Where have you been,
Help, does it,
These small, white tablets,
They will cease my emotions,
Feelings you can’t have,
But should?

What do we do,
When we don’t know,
What we should be doing,
But feel we have an idea,
To somehow understand something,
But we are just lost like always.

Scattered thoughts and emotions,
What do we do with such feelings,
Can we create a normal life,
From the chaos we contain in our minds?

Who are you to say,
How I should live,
You don’t know what it’s like,
You don’t really care.

Different, I am,
But does it make it bad,
Not the same as you,
But my emotions are wrong,
How do you know,
Whoever knows the answers,
Will I find some,
Or will I be lost forever?

A problem,
Do I have it,
Circling thoughts,
I feel numb,
No wait I feel everything,
I want to scream,
All at the same time,
What is the point,
What is the matter,
No, nothing,
It’s just nothing.


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