In the Mind (Poem)

Wanting to say something but the words won’t come out,
No way to form the sentences needed to explain,
Let your mind focus on something more than this,
Where you don’t have to wonder and question,
It’s just a part of life the things we don’t understand.

Like the missing piece of the puzzle you can’t find,
When you need to see something completely,
Yet part of it still rests in the shadows,
Time is a very moving piece of reality,
We move forward without moving back,
Except in the depths of our minds.

In our heads and our hearts we are stuck in the past,
Things that were or were not done constantly echo,
How can we move forward where we desperately want to be,
Is it simply ignoring the past that we left behind,
Or should we embrace it and find a way to deal with it?

We can never be someone who we never were before,
Who we will be in the future has yet to be written,
So it can still be changed even in the present day,
But what has come before will never be addressed again,
Let’s just sweep it away forever and erase it from our brains.

This life has so many possibilities, things we haven’t seen,
Why get so caught up in a brief moment in time,
When we have so much ahead of us, why get stuck,
Why can’t we let go of the pains and things we can’t truly remember,
When we know what we don’t know but can’t say what we do.

This isn’t real life in any way, shape or form,
This is a fictional creation of some character in my mind,
Who struggled and lived a life with emotions and pain,
But that was not me, I am happy and hopeful inside,
Let this fantasy fade away into the background,
And let the real me come find her true life.


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