I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Stupidity and Social Media

Another week and time for another segment of “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…”, where I find something that stuck out to me in the news and write a little about the article and share my thoughts. As always I am glad to hear from those who read or want to comment or if you want to take a stab at it yourself, please let me know and I will be more than happy to feature you. So without further adieu, this week I am talking a little about social media.

Teen’s Terror Tweet

I have previously posted about social media and my thoughts about this phenomenon. Of course, I am a part of it and I do use it to my advantage, like we all do. We use it for either personal or professional use or both. This article and incident is a prime example of when social media is in the hands of someone who is too young or too stupid to realize how serious we should take the things that we put out to the public.

Apparently before boarding a plane, a young Dutch girl tweeted a threat towards the plane. Not only is this juvenile, but it’s reckless and just plain stupid. Of course, we must consider her age as mentioned in the article, just 14, but I can’t imagine ever being that silly as to send something like this. She claimed that a “friend”, would no longer be a friend of mine, who tweeted this and begged for forgiveness. Often times, we do stupid things and then beg for the forgiveness of others because we aren’t ready or able to deal with the consequences.

What really did she do? There are some and probably many who would say that it was a harmless prank, something a silly girl did and it should simply be dismissed. In the world we live in today, each time someone threatens the safety of others though on such a public forum, how can it be ignored? Social media seems to cause some of our brains to stop working. People tend to do now and think later. Teens and even adults didn’t have the access to instantly share their feelings or every stupid thought that came into their mind. Well now, we have smart phones and social media where we can tweet or Facebook every stupid thought or idea we have. Most people seem to post first and think later, which all too often, just like in this case, could have easily been what got her in trouble.

In the end, she may just get a slap on the wrist, but hopefully it will make her think. She will begin to see the importance her words have and that she should think before she posts anything. What do you think should be her punishment? I think she should be banded from social sites until she is at least 18, if not longer, at least until she grows up. Is that too harsh? Not harsh enough? Share your thoughts below or my email is always open. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and remember if you have something you want to speak out about please let me know.


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