Choices (Poem)

There are words that you no longer speak to me,
When you used to be far yet I held you near,
Now your voice has fallen silent thinking my ears deaf,
You are worried about something I can see it,
But you won’t tell me and you hide behind lies.

Don’t speak to me about the things you refuse to say,
Yes I am not blind or stupid, I know,
You hide yourself away from me for nothing,
Is it fear or cowardliness that keeps you from speaking,
I can’t seem to find a way to understand it all.

You speak about the things you want and need,
Yet push me away with made up emotions in your mind,
You want me here but then you don’t and I’m to blame,
I am here and have always been the same with you,
Why do you keep me so far away when I brought you close?

What is it that you want from me?
Some kind of confession or change?
Have I changed really is that true?
Am I keeping you from something,
Because if so just let me know?

I want this life, I have made up my mind,
You have to decide what it is you really want,
It sounds so simple and straight to the point,
But that is me and my mind has been made up.

I am waiting here with open arms for you to come into,
But you keep pushing and I have my struggles too,
I don’t know what to say or what I should do,
But you always know that I love you,
You just have to decide is that enough.


4 thoughts on “Choices (Poem)

    • I am glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and the comment. I have enjoyed following your new stops in the coffee shops. I see you are coming to Austin, sadly no Houston…sad to say that I will probably miss you…but I can imagine the stories you will get when you come to Austin! 🙂

  1. This is such a lovely poem – so heartfelt. I guess sometimes, even with good will on both sides, it can be incredibly hard to bridge the gap between two people. I think women often find it hard to talk about what they really want and that can come out in arguments about seemingly trivial things that skirt round the issue rather than addressing it directly. We have a tendency (some of us anyway) to expect men to know what we’re thinking without being explicit about it. Not always very helpful!

    • Thank you for your reply and I appreciate you stopping by to read. It’s interesting you mention women, because I think that is often the case, but it’s surprising how much men do the same thing. Men keep so much inside, especially if it is emotional simply because they seem to think they should or are too worried about letting it go. I think that we all struggle with it though, but we have to learn how to just let it go and trust in others. We have to allow ourselves the risk of loving, no matter what the outcome and trust is wrapped up in all of it. Thanks again for the comment and reading, I think I rambled a bit.

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