Where Does It Come From?

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Some people may look at the image above and simply see nothing of beauty or worth, but I look at it and see the beauty in the simplicity. I think that it’s all too easy in this plastic surgery, make up and Photoshop world to forget that real beauty doesn’t have to be showy or overly elaborate, it can be simple and eloquent.

We often look at the “cover” of something and judge what it is we see. This isn’t a new thing and no matter what words I use or how beautiful my sentences are, this post won’t change that either, but if I can help someone to see something even a little bit differently then it will be worth it. We can’t look at everyone through the same eyes and say that because you are not a super model or because you don’t have diamonds that you aren’t a beauty, what is that we are calling beautiful? Is it the stuff that we use to cover our true selves with or is it who we really are?

We call someone with make up, designer clothes or the perfect whatever the ideal person, when they could, in reality, be the worst human being on the planet. What kind of perfection are we looking for? Do we simply want to “look” pretty and on the inside look like a pile of rotting garbage? I think for most, sadly, that is fine by them. The surface, superficial, sallow people and society that we are a part of, we ignore what is truly important. Who are we really? What is it that we really want? What drives us?

Do emotions and feelings create a person that we should aspire to be or simple cosmetic touch ups and looks that make people stop and stare? As a society we are failing ourselves and all those around us, by ignoring what is truly important. Look at the picture and see the flowers that stand in the midst of rain (you might not be able to see it but it was raining that day when I took the picture), it is standing strong against the forces. We must too stand and be who we were meant to be. This flower is just how God created it and so are we, yes going a bit spiritual here, but who we are isn’t perfect but who we are a reflection of is and isn’t that enough? We are God’s children and we gain our beauty from what we have inside of us that was put there through our belief in our creator and no outward beauty could ever compare to that or at least that is my two cents.


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