How It Falls (Poem)

Some days it just feels like nothing,
Or it’s everything all at once,
We are neither here nor there,
But we are everywhere and nowhere at all.

When the winds rustles the leaves,
And a single one falls to the ground,
So we might find a way to see past it,
Further up we must look into the sky.

Are we that blackness in between the stars,
That space where nothing or everything exists,
Where the questions fall silently like a meteor,
Because the answers lie all around, not just in one place?

Is that silence from the sound of our hearts no longer beating,
Or have they simply slowed with no reason to go on,
Because who we once were isn’t who we are still today,
We mature, grow, wither and fade just like the seasons changing.

A simple speck of dust on the ground is the equivalent of a life,
Amounting to nothing more than a grain in the vast sand of it all,
Which by itself is something we ignore but put together creates a beach,
Which is where we go when we need a break from the rest of the world.

We aren’t something that can be ignored, like a speck or wind,
We are here on this Earth and create more than just a footprint,
We leave a mark far beyond the reach that we have come to understand,
Yet we fail to realize just how important it is to be who we are.

Let the past be the falling sands of time that builds to something greater,
We can’t turn the hour glass upside down again and start over,
This sinking sand is falling fast and we only get one time around,
So we must make this one count or when the final grain falls,
We will only be remembered by the empty air where our life should have been.


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