Just Working

There are times when we just feel like no matter what we do, it’s just never enough. No matter how hard we scrape to get where we want to be, there will always be something keeping us from reaching our final goal. We start to move ahead and just as quickly as we climb, we get knocked back down again. How are we expected to get ahead or make any progress when we are constantly being held back or slowed down?

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter where we want to go. It is important to have goals and things that motivate us, but if we don’t have a clear set of actions that we can take in order to get where we want, we are nothing more than the wasted words that we write. I have been doing a lot lately, more focused things, with the idea of getting where I want to be. There are times that we can’t sit idly by any more and just want or feel that what we want to happen should. I have become more active with my writing. I write reviews on my site, write my blog here, engage on my twitter account and offline I am working on my novel more. I am taking calculated actions in order to reach my goals.

I think that being in the artistic genre we have to be a bit “louder” than in other fields. What I mean by “loud” is that we have to communicate, we have to interact, we have to create a reason for someone to take notice. I have definitely made connections on here and my twitter account that I hope in the future will help as I launch my book and do other things. There are times that we have to be a bit, pushy. We feel that what we have to say is worth something and what we do and create is worth it, so we have to make people take notice. We have to give them a reason to stop scrolling and read.

I look forward to seeing where all these new things take me and what kind of opportunities come my way. In the meantime, I enjoy what I am doing and look forward to continuing and perfecting my craft to appeal to an even wider group. All we can do, especially as writers, is continue to write and to grow and get better. Writers have to write and hope that over time people will take notice for whatever reason so that they can continue to do what it is they love.

Be sure to check out my recent post about helping me find a name for my novel. If your suggestion is chosen, then you will get a free copy of my book when it is ready. There is only a month to get your ideas or tips in so please comment away. If you follow me on twitter and tweet the name use #titlemynovel so that I can see your suggestion. Happy blogging and look forward to all the future holds.


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