Where I am and How you can help? (Contest)

We all need direction and guidance at times. We have to stop and take a look at where we are and where we want to be going. I am making progress on my novel “False Justice” which I still can’t stand the title and I have been doing some thinking. I know that what I want is to write and share my thoughts/feelings with the world. I am a writer and even though at times it is hard and less rewarding than I would like, I am a writer.

Yesterday was encouraging. I write reviews for the Examiner, as I have stated before and I found out that a local theater has my article in the press section. It is nice to have it there with other local publications, it makes it seem more authentic and real. Lately I have felt more encouraged because I won a contest with one of my flash fiction pieces called “Life to Live” and another has been accepted for publication and is yet to get a release date. I feel like I am honestly building to what I want with my life and it is exciting!

I need help with something though, suggestions. I have previously posted a preview of my short story and I am looking for ideas. I honestly want to change the title of my novel and I wanted to see if I could get some interest in it so I wanted to see if people could suggest names. Please be sure to read the novel preview that I have linked too, so that you have some idea as well as read what I write about what it is about.

I wanted to word “justice” in there some where, but not sure it has to be there now. I am thinking creating a “buzz” for the novel before I have released it just to see if I can get some interest. I want to create a twitter account for the novel and tweet about progress as well as quote and things from the characters just to engage. So anyway, the story is about David who is a father and his daughter, Abby. She is his whole world. The novel is told through a series of flash backs and ultimately it will end up where the stories of the past and present meet. It is a crime drama, suspense, dramatic story all rolled into one. We learn about David with the start of the novel, where he came from, what kind of life he had and what came with him being a father. From the start, as you read, we are thrown into the story with him taking a man who he believes know where his daughter can be found. She has grown up and gone off to college and now she is missing. With a cold case, the investigation by authorities has all but stopped and David decides to take matters into his own hands and get justice.

Well, now that is what you know…can you think of a title? Please comment below and once the novel is complete I will gladly offer a free copy should I select your title as well as thank you in the acknowledgements. So please comment below and I hope to have this up and the Twitter site posted within the month. Please think and comment or email away (thepursuit.beingcreative@gmail.com). I look forward to the titles I get.


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