Purpose (Poem)

Let me speak from the heart,
For a moment lend me your ear,
Don’t rush into saying something,
You aren’t sure yet that you feel.

This life is long and hard,
But love is slow and fleeting,
So catch it while you can,
Or you will look up and it’s gone.

This world spins on a non-stop axis,
Which can’t be controlled or detoured,
We either ride along with the curves,
Or we fly off into the black abyss.

Love and life are one in the same,
What you feel in your heart,
You live out in your daily deeds,
Or you lose all you once sought.

Let’s not speak so others can hear,
All that we feel in our hearts for one another,
Just let me lay my head down right here,
So that we can find rest and peace together.

We aren’t long for this world I fear,
The day starts and suddenly disappears,
So let’s make the most of what we have today,
For tomorrow isn’t promised and might be lost,
Should we fail to make the most of what we have found.


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