Come and Stay (Poem)

Come here, close to me,
Lean in so that there is no space,
No distance that can come between us,
We are joining here in this secret,
We are coming together as one.

Come a little closer still,
I want to feel your touch now,
To know what it is like to have a hold,
Of a man that is my only love,
Who gives me all I want and need,
And who takes from me all that he gives.

Come on now don’t be shy,
Don’t let the words fall in silence,
Let the flames die down for the night,
But not the passion that we have,
The feelings that our love creates here.

Come rest your head on my chest,
Listen to my heart beating,
It only beats because I love you,
Just as I only feel safe being here together,
Because so much could be lost in a moment,
Let’s not let this one escape from us,
Grab hold and never let it go.

Come and run away with me,
All that we need is before us,
We don’t need what used to be,
All that has gone before just what is up ahead,
For we can’t change what has been done,
But we can create something better to aim for.

Come back to me when you feel you can,
All the distance we have between us now,
Is only for a moment in time,
Because this place is so close to you,
For I know when I open my eyes,
I will see your face and you will be real,
You are mine now and forever,
Nothing again will change that fact.


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