Thoughts on a Play

I have enjoyed getting to write reviews for the Examiner over the past couple months. I used to do it and just let it slip, but now I get to see and experience so many different things. I have enjoyed almost all the performances that I have been to and I look forward to all that I have yet to see.

‘Time Stands Still’ (review): Focusing on the choices we make

Above is my latest review for a production called “Time Stands Still” that I saw last night. It was quite a production. I read a bit about what the play was about before, but just like when I saw the one before this one, I didn’t know what to expect. This play follows a couple, both journalist, the woman a photojournalist who document dangerous locations. They have just returned from Iraq where she was almost killed by a car bomb. It follows the life of them coming home, recovering and then deciding what is best for the rest of their lives.

It’s crazy the contrast that these characters create and how it really makes you examine your own life. Everyone has their idea as to how they are going to change or impact the world. She felt that she needed to document these people in their lives and in these dangerous situations, because how else would the world know about what was going on and being done. The man also covered these events, yet had seen and experienced enough that he wanted to leave it behind and live a life of his own. He wanted a family and to settle down and just write about things that might be mundane but were safe and comfortable. She never seemed to understand that and used the excuse of putting a cause before her own life. In all honesty, on the surface she looks like quite the crusader for injustice and truth, but honestly she just didn’t know what she wanted or was just too scared to go after it so she used it as an excuse from living her life.

He on the other hand, did what he could and who is to say that he didn’t continue to “fight the good fight” as they say, but he wanted to live his life. This world is a terrible place and terrible things happen, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to go out and change it but what are you willing to sacrifice to do that? And what are the reasons you are really doing it? Is it really for the good of others or just out of selfish reasons or fear of living your own life? We all make choices and ultimately that will be what guides our lives. We will have to answer for the choices that we make, and only we are responsible for the things that we do. You can be radical or you can be conservative, I don’t think living a life you want means that you are a bad person. You don’t have to ignore the suffering of others, but there comes a time when you have to live your own life and you help where and when you can.

Maybe I am wrong about this, but is just how I see it. I think that there is such beauty in the world and if we focused on sharing that more than who knows what that could do. We all make choices and in the end we just have to decide if we can live with the ones that we have made. I think that if you give of yourself and your love then any choice you make will be the right one. We are commanded to love others and by loving we are helping and changing even if it is just a small change.


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