Obsessed with Fun

It might not be the post you were quite expecting from the title, but there is a band called Fun, that I have become increasingly obsessed with. I finally was given, by my boyfriend, the “Some Nights” CD and I have been playing it non-stop ever since!! I can’t quite pin point the exact reason that I love them, but they sound like a mix of punk, rock and pop, their lyrics are intriguing and they do just as their name says, they have fun!

There are many of their songs that I absolutely could listen to over and over again. The above song is one of my favorites though. I guess in all honesty I don’t really have a favorite, but I do remember when I first popped in the CD, I didn’t like number 5 entitled “It Gets Better”. Now that I have listened it the CD so much, I really enjoy the song. It is just so POP, I can’t describe it any other way.

I love listening to their music because they have such varying lyrics and styles. My boyfriend says it’s due to them actually being a band. It’s amazing the way this CD progresses. It starts out almost like a musical, sounding like it is being preformed to a crowd then goes into the singles that we all know from the radio, then comes number 5 which is pop and then it goes into lyrics that address real issues wavering from pop to rock to punk and everywhere in between.

“All Alright” is one of the hardest hitting songs for me.

“Yeah, it’s all alright.
I guess it’s all alright.
I got nothing left inside of my chest
but it’s all alright.”

The idea of being broken that is expressed in this and other songs on this CD. I think over all that is what really gets me, that there are many songs on here that I find that I relate to. We all just want to know that we aren’t alone in the things we feel, want, suffer, we just want to know that someone out there understands. Most of these songs, besides being catchy and Nate Ruess (lead vocalist) having an amazing voice, that the lyrics are the things that reach out and grab you.

I hope that they put out more music. I have enjoyed the various debt projects that Ruess has done too outside of his band lending his voice to Pink and Eminem. Both of those songs, I listened too repeatedly, honestly before I really know he even was, I was just blown away by his voice. I hope to find more music from them or him and hopefully they will put out another CD soon!!! As for now “Some Nights” remains on a loop in my car and I will enjoy all the fun it brings me.


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