How We Get Through (Poem)

I don’t feel like thinking,
Writing words on a page,
That create momentary beauty,
Then just as quickly fades.

My life isn’t a masterpiece,
I stumble and I fall, failing to succeed,
To do what it is that I most want.

Wax and wane about the beauty of the sun,
How light can be an eternal guide,
That if we just try, we can all get what we want,
But aren’t those just the lies,
Our minds attempt to create in us,
That tell us we are something more,
Than the nothingness around we see.

Jump off the rooftop of the highest building,
Do you think you will grow wings,
So that you won’t fall,
Let me know how that goes for you,
Or I can just go visit the morgue.

The path of living is long and hard,
But choosing death is so simple,
There is no thought that goes into it,
Maybe we weren’t all meant to make it,
To see the dawning of the coming sun.

The things that create pain are very real indeed,
But finding a way to overcome them all,
Creates a warriors heart within us,
So that even the weakest in the herd,
Can maybe find a way to keep on holding on.


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