Life in Living (Poem)

A life that is yet to be revealed,
Moments and events not experienced,
The future unknown for a reason,
To give you the chance to live it,
For if it was already told to you,
Where would the life in living be?

Moments that take our breath away,
When we hear or see something we didn’t expect,
The sun peeking out from a black cloud,
That signifies that all the bad is over,
The light will shine again to cast away the fears.

The life that we are meant to lead,
Doesn’t appear to us in some kind of dream,
We don’t get a magical booklet that gives the end away,
That reveals which path in the road we should take,
We just live how we believe we should and see what comes of it.

All the dust that is collecting behind you,
You can’t grab hold of again, so keep moving forward,
The past doesn’t hold you life within it,
Only your future ahead can hold anything of meaning.

Life is lived looking forward and not looking back,
But we can get stuck in the limbo of balancing in between,
When we have one foot behind and one leading us forward,
Yet keep the other moving and catch up to what’s ahead,
Because the greatest things we have yet to experience, haven’t happened yet.


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