What Love Can Do (Poem)

Let me speak the words that you will never hear,
The words written on the walls in invisible ink,
That if illuminated by the moon you would ignore,
Sentences and proclamations of a true love,
That can’t compete with the sorrows of your life.

You can ignore and cast aside all the good there is,
Only to continue to see the evil that is so readily there,
When this life is one of heartache and pain,
The hope and love appear to be of no use to anyone,
When the black rains of pain fall over all our unshielded heads.

So this is the life that has been given to us,
This life of nothing more than losing,
When the winner gets a moment to rejoice,
Only to fall back into the deep pit again.

If you refuse to see the sun when it shines,
It will cease to be any longer in the sky,
The clouds that have blown in will take over,
And all that once could have been will disappear forever.

It is in a moment that we lose everything we had,
But if we allow the help of others it can be reconstructed,
This life is not a moment we simply spend dying,
But to make the most of all the moments we get.

You can’t change the course of the wind,
The way the current decides to flow,
But the things that we have inside our heart,
Ebbs and flows with the touch of another.

So I see you standing there on the shore about to jump,
You could take one more step and be gone forever,
Or stop to hear my voice this time, seeing the words among the stars,
You aren’t alone, it’s a lie that has been told to you,
You wear it like a coat of armor to keep others out.

You push me aside but I keep on coming back strong,
This life is a short one so either reach for me,
Or I will have to allow you to jump and down you fall,
You can disappear from this earth in an instant and be gone.

But why not stay around a while and see what can be done,
For the love you seek is before you, just take my hand,
All fears you feel and run to escape will be calmed,
If you just believe that loving can undo the damage from before.


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