Away (Poem)

Shifting sand creates a foundation of lies,
These things we once believed as a guide,
Simply serve as a detour from where we wanted to go,
So that we end up just exactly where we never wanted to be.

Keep your lips closed tightly so no love escapes,
Let me give you a thread and needle to sew it up,
So that no one gets an illusion of anything greater,
That there would somehow be hope or love somewhere.

The walls of the heart and soul are nothing,
Compared to the swords that pierce your skin,
They protrude out towards the unsuspecting few,
Who thought they might give love to you.

Let the wild winds blow into a great storm,
Wipe away and clearing the forest of protection,
Expose the world for the lies it holds,
That we can give and receive love to each other.

No there is no sun that will shine here now,
There is no warmth that will melt the snow away,
This desert that you wonder through and fall desperate in,
Is only a beginning of the harshness yet to come.

Let the love of this world be eaten away by disease,
Feeding the rats and vermin of the earth’s underbelly,
So that it can be changed and perverted before being distorted,
For once it sees light again, all the goodness will be gone.


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