I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Oil Issue

Another week has come and gone and we are back to the start again. There is so much going on or not going on in the world but there are sometimes the things that happen right in your backyard, so to speak, that just gets you thinking. There are many things I could talk about like what is going on in Ukraine or that you have until 3/31 to sign up for Obamacare, but there was something a bit close that is upsetting. This past weekend, a barge hit another ship and spilled oil into the Galveston bay and as Monday morning comes, it is still an issue.

Oil Spill (KHOU): Barge ship collides in Houston Ship Channel

I live near the Houston ship channel, so this is quite a disappointing thing to read. On Saturday, March 22 a barge carrying nearly a million gallons of oil hit a ship as the article states. Also cited is the fact that there was “fog” present which seems to be an indicator as to cause. I have never been on a ship of such large size, but it seems that this type of incident shouldn’t happen. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t happen all to often, but that it happened this time, it too much.

The ferry, ships, the cruise ship is all grounded. None of the ships carrying cargo can come in nor can any leave due to the oil spill. Of course this article links to others, the overall damage this will do. The countless marine life that will be lost and all the manpower that it will take to contain and clean up. Another article on the site talks about how this spill could impact thousands of birds, thousands, it’s heartbreaking the environmental impact.

This of course is not the largest or worst of spills in history. Today marks the 25th year anniversary of the large Exxon Valdez Oil Spill which continues to have impact. This of course was a much larger spill, but the environmental impact of the current spill is still being felt. Oil is always a risk to work with, for simple reasons such as spills, among countless others.

Of course this always rises the question of what else if not oil? Will we ever be able to not use oil? There could be arguments for searching for alternatives and that the government and powers at be aren’t doing enough, but in the end it always seems to come down to money. Oil, at times, seems to make the world go around, because it is hooked into money (which that is really what makes the world go around).

In the end, we will continue to have oil spills as long as we still use oil. It would be nice to have an alternative or a better way to transport such things. Should the barge driver be charged? Should he have been paying more attention? Who is at fault and if they are at fault what does that matter? Will that save any of the marine life that this spill kills? No! There is no going back, you can clean up but the damage is done. Blame and fault only get us so far and until we are able to do something to solve these types of issues, these spills will continue to happen and blame will continue to fall on those who just turn around and go right back to doing what they were doing.

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