In Celebration of Poetry (Poem)

Today is “International Poetry Day” so in honor of that I have to be sure and post at least one poem today. I think that poetry is a lost art and it is sad to see the decline of such a beautiful medium. Hopefully on days like this, it will inspire people to read and create more poetry, because the world would be a dull place without it. We would miss out on so much not putting feelings, experiences and life lessons in poetic verses. I find that it is sometimes easier to express myself through this medium than any other.

In this vast universe we aren’t alone,
At times we get busy and feel bogged down,
We search around aimlessly feeling lonely,
When if we would just look around ourselves and see,
There are so many others out there who feel the same.

What is this constant running that we often do,
Is it for a reason or does it just waste our time,
Are we connecting at all when we pick up the phone,
Or do all the words equal to nothing more than static?

You can’t force a connection, it’s not how it works,
But if you try at all you will be surprised what you feel,
The others that are out searching and lost,
Feel just as you do and want a guide for it all.

You may not be able to be what they need,
But offer your hand and see where that leads,
For in the darkness of life, there is still some light,
You may have to look hard but if you do you can find it,
And walking together down a newly joined path,
Will create new possibilities that alone you never had.


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