Creating (Poem)

I’m a restless soul that’s at peace,
Is that a contradiction well let’s see,
Can you be happy and sad at once,
Like when you are filled so full the tears flow,
And you wonder what emotions remain?

Are we the creation of our thoughts,
Or do our hearts beat creating us,
Move by the things we feel,
Rather than by our basic human instincts?

One or the other does it matter,
What is it we are led by,
Or do we just follow blindly,
Where the earth instructs us to go?

We are the authors of our own lives,
Or is that just something we like to think,
Well there it is again that question,
Who is it we are or who we should be?

I’m a nomadic traveler that’s stationary,
A bird without wings to fly away,
In my dreams I’ll create a reality,
So real I’ll stay for a while.

The riddle creates clarity,
With the answer revealed,
Yet stumbling around in the dark,
Could leave you blind for eternity.

So let’s jump on a light beam,
And travel quickly nowhere,
Because our lives right here are magic,
When we dare to open our hearts up.


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