Restlessly Feeling (Poem)

Waiting is an endless feeling that doesn’t go away,
It eats at your soul until you finally get something,
Whatever it is that you have been hoping to find,
The searching and looking dissipates and it’s like a new day.

Where are we going if not towards our future,
Running in reverse towards nothing at all,
The crossroads of nothing and something yet to be,
Which way will you go, what life will you lead?

Loneliness is a cancer that gets in through your mind,
It spreads like a virus leaving no hope behind,
In the darkness it grows and festers to madness,
When all you can see is heartbreak and sadness.

Let the chaos your feeling come in and take over,
Destroy what you thought you had begun to control,
This life is an illness no love can heal,
So give up and quit trying for no good will we find.

If this us all life can offer, what point is there in living,
There must be a reason, something these eyes are missing,
So even though I may not understand,
I’ll leave my heart open to a bigger divine plan.


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