Setting Sun (Poem)

What are the things you most admire,
All the things that have been done or just dreamed about,
What is a life without action, it’s wasted,
For we only have this moment right here and now,
If there was a time that came before what we remember now,
Should we go back to try and recreate those things,
Or keep moving forward looking for something more?

This life might be bleak and often without hope,
But what about those morning we wake up with the sun,
The rain and darkness will come back around,
Yet how we decide to make it through those times is what matters,
For in the end, we all end with a final breath.

All headstone have the same information,
Name, lived, died and the dash in between,
So what will be your story to fill that dash,
Are you waiting for the ending date,
Or making the most of the line from start to end?

This life is so short and fleeting,
We only get just one trip around,
So with every breath we get to take,
We should make the most of it somehow.

So take my hand in this sea of endless questioning,
Lets chase the reality that we can’t yet see clearly,
Heading towards the setting sun on the distant horizon,
Hoping from here and before the light has faded,
We have found the place where we belong.


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