Is It Really So Hard???

How hard is it to be courteous? Most of the time this is simple things that people either ignore or take for granted. For me, it is a huge pet peeve. People treat others so poorly then get upset when others treat them the same way. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out! I don’t understand how people can be so empty headed and inconsiderate. Is it just me or is it something in the world today?

I work in a very small space. So it is in close proximity to those around me. I hear bits and pieces all day of little personal conversations, forget being on work hours during this time, but it happens often and frequent. If you get a personal call, that is fine, but just like in the movies, take it in the hallway. Maybe I am unreasonable? It would be different if we had our own offices and we could close our doors, but to be right across from someone in a cubicle and almost yell into the phone? Come on, how are we supposed to get any work done!

Then of course there are those who sneeze and this is just a personal one for me. I can’t stand when someone is kind enough to say “bless you” and then that person ignores everyone. If we are kind enough to say it to you, at least offer a simple thank you, is that so hard? How hard is it to be kind to another person? Does it burn a person’s mouth if they utter the words “thank you” from time to time? The worst of these people are those who never say thank you and never say bless you, yet when they sneeze they expect to hear both. Wait! You want courtesy when you offer none yourself, how in your world does that work?

Most things are so simple for people, to make the days of those around them more productive and simple, yet it often feels like they do these things to make it just the opposite. If you have music, put your headphones in and don’t play them so loud that even if you wear them I can still hear it. Don’t sing under your breathe, it might not bother you, but other people are trying to work too. Pick up after yourself, this isn’t a house. We are all adults and we should act as such.

Is kindness so hard? If it is, then maybe we should be the ones that ask ourselves why is that the case? Would it kill you or make your life better if you offered a little courtesy? People might be surprised the improvement it makes on their day and those around them if they went just a little bit further. I always try to think of those who are around me, although I am sure that even I have habits that are annoying, but I at least try to keep the peace with those around me. Say “excuse me” or “thank you” and see how much it brightens your day and the day of those around you.


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