Being Happy and Sharing Love

Loving someone is the greatest thing that you can do. It’s amazing how much we hold back in and from ourselves to either keep from doing this or to not do it at all. There are those who don’t seem to understand love, for whatever reason, but why is it so hard to be happy and support someone? It’s funny how much people think they know about you and what is best for your life, but no ones life is the same. We all make decisions and choices that are our own and no one else can or should make those for us.

It’s hard for others to be happy for something they don’t understand. I recently watched a show where the dad encouraged his daughter to date a guy even though he was unemployed. He just wanted her to be “happy”. That is such a wonderful idea. The idea that someone could support your decision, just because they want to see you happy, is that just a magical idea? I think that love is such a hard thing to find and to hold on too, so when we are able to do that, why should anyone else try and stop us? We should be happy to love and be with whom we choose and others should accept it or just keep it to themselves.

The world is such a lonely, yet overcrowded place. It’s ironic right? How can we be so packed in here and yet not connect with others? There are those who come out here in the great blogging world and at times we do make those connections, at least on screen, but then in our lives we have no one. I am not saying that those who are out here and that I or others connect with, that these connections mean nothing, but when I want to go out to eat or to a movie can I go with a computer? I have heard about “skype” dates or group viewings of movies, but to me that just sounds a tad bit lonely. The idea of almost connecting. Almost like reaching for something and just missing it.

I don’t understand why anyone would keep themselves from something real, when what else would be the alternative? I think that love is, or should, be worth every risk. There is not enough love out there in the world and if you can find a real connection, outside of a keyboard and computer screen, take it into real life, then what is stopping you? You deserve to be happy and find love and share your love. So what is stopping you? Life is too short to continue to live for others and let them tell you what you do and do not need to be happy. I say chase your happy and share your love. In the end, the love you share will be what matters, not how big your paycheck was or how much stuff you had.


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