All Wrapped Up (Poem)

Money makes the world go around,
The idea of love is a dying one,
Like the last burning embers of a fire going out,
That if paper were added, a spark it would create,
But just as quickly lit, it would burn out again.

True love is a ravenous emotion,
That consumes all who feel such things,
Chews them up and spits them out,
Laughing as it vomits out the foolish two.

Where is this all-consuming fire,
That creates a rhythmic beating,
Of two hearts joined together as one,
A burning so hot it can never be extinguished,
Or is that just a naïve young person’s fantasy?

Can we keep from being played the fool,
Outsmarting the events of life somehow,
So that we might one day get everything we want,
The combination of life and love in unison together,
So that in the end, it’s a beautiful image of our happily ever after.


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