So Will Return (Poem)

The rain beats softly against my window,
Not like the harsh crashing of the waves,
But like the slow, steady drip of a coffeemaker,
That offers a soothing rhythm to comfort my chaotic thoughts.

Where is the peace and sun that the morning will bring,
What if the night extends into the early hours,
Casting all hope in dusk and keeping away the good feelings,
Where will we go when we can no longer reach out our hands towards hope?

Let the restless night of haunting dreams,
Fade into a distance, sweeping memory,
For all the rain will collect and dissipate,
And at some point the sun will find a way to shine again.

There is no hope for the hopeless that don’t seek,
No rest for the ones that wander endlessly,
For in the chaotic mess we call our lives,
We might find just what we need if we stop searching.

The rain that is falling will one day stop,
It might go on for minutes, hours or days,
But even if the waters collect and create a flood,
Eventually that will dissolve away with the coming sun.

So on those nights when you can’t see the stars,
Know they are up there shining down upon you,
For even if the night is ever dark and haunted,
When the sun and stars return to shine,
So too will the feelings and dreams of all things good.


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