I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Tragic Mystery

Another Monday morning and for most here it is Spring Break. I miss the days of being in school and getting a week off to do whatever I wanted, it seems like a distant memory, but I guess so do most things as we grow up. But it’s another week and so another segment. There has been much going on in the world, most of which tragic and disheartening. There are many things I could talk about this week, but this morning I found this article.

Huffington Post: Investigators Chase ‘Every Angle’ In Missing Malaysia Jet

There are multiple articles and reports circulating the web about this missing Malaysian jet. It is always hard news to read when events of such great loss are included. There were 239 passengers on board and like the articles states this plane seems to have vanished. The object in the water seems to have people questioning what exactly happened, if it could have been a crash or explosion, but then the bigger question is how and why? Why did it vanish from the radar? How can a jet simply vanish in the thin air and just appear gone with all the passengers on board?

I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who have family or friends on board. The questions and lack of answers or understanding. How do you deal with something like that? The idea of someone just being “gone” without any certainty. Of course it is still early in the search and investigators aren’t ruling out anything, explosion, hijacking, etc., but the longer the jet goes without being seen the less hopeful all those concerned become.

As Robert Frost is quoted “Life goes on”, of course, all those concerned will have to go on with their lives, but the question is how? I can’t imagine what these people must be feeling or thinking. We all live our lives with a certain degree of knowing that we will never know certain things, but something like this, living just “not knowing” what happened to someone you love, is that possible? This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, time that something like this happens, when someone or people just “vanish”, but do we ever think about those who are “left behind”?

I couldn’t imagine the constant worry and concern. Those feelings of longing and wonder never really leaving you. Always answering the phone or the door, simply hoping that this knock or call could be the news that you are hoping to have, that your loved one has not only been found but is safe. There are so many people who hope for something like this, we call a miracle, and they either never get it or they do get that knock but it’s not the news they were hoping for. There is so much speculation around what happened and it’s nothing being released yet, but just like all those waiting, we must just hope for the best. I can’t imagine what they feel but I hope that they get a miracle and those concerned are returned safe. Sometimes the mystery doesn’t have to end in tragedy.


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