Love and Fear (poem)

Love and fear are all consuming,
One builds you up stronger,
While the other drags you down deeper,
In the pain of the world,
The greatest lie that exists,
That we are meant to be lonely,
Not meant to find where we belong.

These emotions take battle inside our hearts and mind,
Which should I follow, abandon reason for hope,
Do I cast fear aside knowing what love can bring,
It often ends messy and we are left alone and confused?

So what should we trust ourselves to,
Something like love that ends without warning,
That we give away freely to another, hoping for in return,
That could cause us to be in a worse place by the end,
But what if it works out, yet how often does that happen?

So we give in to fear and disregard all hope,
This life is an evil and that’s what others do,
This idea of love that is passed around is perverted and distorted,
Nothing of good can come from it,
But on TV I’ve seen things of such wonder,
Those who give their lives for such beautiful feelings,
Could we all find such power in love,is that even possible,
If we don’t try then of course it is not.

So give yourself to the power of love,
Forsaking all you doubt to be true,
In the end all the love you happen to find,
Will be what will get remembered,
Because they say it’s better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all,
So I’ll go and try that out, hoping in the end, I’ll get the happy ending.


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