Fading Light (Poem)

Hollow words that fall on deaf ears,
No sound will the ignorant ever hear,
Forgetting things that should never be forgotten,
Praising the actions that are filled with hate,
Who are you that follows in blindness,
Do you not seek out truth before moving?

What is it that we let guide,
Do we see these things with our eyes,
What it is that we are shown to see,
Or do we keep looking for further confirmation,
Because most of the news that we hear,
Isn’t filled with lack of honest teaching,
But do we let that be all we know,
Or seek to locate all knowledge we can find?

Let these actions we do today,
Be remembered for all history,
Let the tales that others will tell,
Be of greatness, not of stupid, hastened actions,
That were taken without knowing all the facts.

The blind can and will continue to lead the blind,
Until the sun comes to break through the darkness,
Even the brightest of guiding lights can’t break through such wreak less dark,
So are we simply humans without any hope for breaking free,
Are we doomed to fail and fall out of recent memory,
For we are not to be remembered nor will we last,
If all we need to know fades with our past.


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