Being “Social”

Are you a social person? Today this is a very interesting question, the first thing that people think when anyone asks this, they are talking about your internet foot print, so to speak. It’s ironic that a computer screen and these kind of things could be considered our “social” lives, when these things aren’t social at all. Nowadays we have seemed to forget the interactions that come with being social and we have abandoned them for computer screens and keyboards. Is it wrong? Is the amount of friends or followers you have really have an effect on your life?

I know that in all honesty I am not the most social person and I don’t have a large group of friends, but at times I see my social sites and think who how does that happen? I have been writing for the examiner so one might say that I have been more “social” at least I have been consistently getting out of the house. The whole “press” thing is quite exciting. It is nice to considered press and get free stuff and when you meet people they are so nice and pleased to meet you. It’s quite humbling actually.

We all take steps to get where we want and each thing I have been doing is just that. I write to get a wider audience. I use twitter and this blog to widen my fan base and “meet” new people, but this isn’t necessarily social behavior. Does any of this enrich my life? In all honesty, not really, I have a life that is outside of what I want to do and achieve in my career. I do want to be able to do and become successful by doing the things that I love doing, but if that never happens, but I have love and people that care about me, then I will be ok with that.

I think the internet, despite all the good that it has give us, the advantage of knowledge at our finger tips and the ability to connect around the world, in the end, what we have before us still is what matters. I can write and connect online and be here one day, then gone the next and who would care? Would anyone notice or even miss me? If they did, what could they do? They don’t truly know who I am, but those people who I truly make a connection with in real life, those that I am friends with, my boyfriend, the people in my life, they are what make me a “social” being. I could have two followers, if they are my only two friends in the world, then I have all that I need. I live my life with and by the love around me and in the end that is what I care about.


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