This Place (Poem)

The beauty of the sun and flowers outside my window,
Could not compare to feelings I have in my heart,
The outward representation of emotions always fail,
When we are able to give voice to the words of true love.

Falling and tumbling like the dust that catches in the wind,
It collects and somehow it keeps on going forever,
Until suddenly the wind has ceased blowing,
And the dust finally settles into a home.

You have been out there in the wind tumbling,
You had not yet found your place where you belong,
That wind was blowing you closer to my open arms,
I know that now you need not be blown on.

Let the gusts from the power that brought you here,
Stop forever and never again have to start a new,
You too have found a home like those who have been displaced,
You have found the one place where you do belong.


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