The Choices We Make

We all hold ourselves to certain standards and we can’t put those standards on anyone else. I think at times we get frustrated because we don’t understand why a person would choose the life that they do, but the fact of the matter is that it’s their choice. I can’t put what I want out of my life on anyone else, just like they shouldn’t do that to me. I think there are certain standards that we should hold everyone at, when it comes to relationships for example, when it comes to the feelings of another we have to have to look at what standards we are using.

It is hard not to watch a TV show nowadays that doesn’t have someone cheating. On TV, it seems so casual and simple, when in real life it is anything but either. I don’t understand how someone can treat another person so horrible. People talk about “heat” of the moment or something like that, but really? Can you really forget that you have someone you love or that you are with a moment you are willing to throw it all away?

There are those that wouldn’t see cheating as an ending. Forgive and forget, now that would be hard. How do you build trust with that person again? How do you get over that? We treat people we love or care for with such disregard. We are supposed to be giving the person that we love all that we are and all that we have and no matter what standards you hold yourself too, I can’t think of any time when cheating or treating another this way would be ok. I understand we all have weaknesses and moments that we doubt our feelings, but to go out and do this, it’s an action and a choice.

People seem to come up with all kinds of excuses to try and reason these actions away, but nothing can do that. We are responsible for our own actions and we must hold ourselves and let others hold us to those. We don’t get a free pass just for a weakness. Could I be with someone who cheated? That is a very hard question to answer, but I don’t know how. I don’t think I would imagine a person would want to be with me if I cheated so why should I expect any different from them? If you cheat, then you don’t love the person, you can’t. We all make choices and if you make a bad one, you have to be willing to pay the consequences.

This is sort of a rant/vent just from all the things I see around me almost daily. People that have such disregard for those they say that they care about. People that throw away things that they should hold on tightly to. This world has so much heartache and pain in it, so why should be go around creating more? People who are lucky enough to be in a relationship should do all that they can to build it up and keep it going, not create reasons for it to fail. Life is hard enough why do we often make it that much worse for ourselves.


2 thoughts on “The Choices We Make

  1. People inflict such terrible things on people they don’t know at all. I’ll never get that. At least if you’re in a relationship with someone you probably have the usual life-type grievances as do they. It’s not an excuse, but the other person doesn’t even have that. They’re purely hurting you because they want what you’ve got. Increasingly I’m seeing affairs that are childish temper tantrums by both parties.

    • Your comment is very true. Too often people just hate without reason or cause and inflict that on anyone that is around them. I guess I don’t understand either.I don’t understand hurting another person for any reason, I don’t tend to hold on to my anger. You are right though, all too often it is just that kind of reason, one or both parties being “childish”. Thank you for reading and the comment.

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