Lifeless Here (Poem)

Word never spoken between one another,
We live our separate lives, yet hold each other,
I say that I love you, yet is that what you hear,
Or are these words simply falling on deaf ears?

Silence has never seemed so loud before,
As when I have you here beside me, not speaking at all,
Is there something that can be done to break this,
Cut away at this deadening stillness to open a void?

Together we were there before when we needed a friend,
Someone to just listen and love, although from afar,
Does the distance make it easier or the lack of contact,
Is it harder to allow love when you have someone near?

Words can’t be forced or they have no meaning,
Can we go on loving out of love without fear of falling,
Not knowing in the end where we might end up,
All alone again on the wrong side of love?

Is there a way to silence fear or is it always present,
Just festering in wait for moments of doubt or pain,
So that is can invade like a virus through your mind and body,
Casing aside any hope you once had for the happily ever after?

Maybe if we speak, find a way through the silence,
We can keep this thing moving, go forward to forever,
Or will it fall lifeless here on the verge of new beginnings,
Just when something good could come from a life we fear would bring nothing.


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