I’ve Got Something to Say About This…

So last night was the biggest night in Hollywood for motion pictures, it was the handing out of the Oscars. This is the night where all the celebrities come together and pat themselves on the back and act like children, from time to time. I honestly enjoy the Oscars, it is fun and over the years it has gotten quite a bit more entertaining. Last night was not exception, but regardless of if you think movies are deserving of this awards or not, there is another award show that happens around this time every year too.

After reading more about “The Razzies”, which I have been aware of for many years now, it has quite an interesting history and each year it serves up the “worst” that movies has to offer. This year was no different but just like with the Oscars, I have no doubt there will be people who don’t agree with their choices either.

Razzies.com: 34 Annual Razzie Winners (or should it be losers)

For those who are not aware of what this show and these awards are all about, here is a brief history. The Golden Raspberry Awards or “Razzies” began in 1980 by founder American copywriter and publicist John J. B. Wilson. Wilson traditional hosted parties the nights of the Oscars yet following the 53rd Academy Awards, he invited a few friends to offer awards in his living room. I am sure at the time, none of them would come to imagine just how this would take off. Can’t Stop the Music was the first Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture. From there, the award show has only grown in popularity and even now is covered by major news syndicates. CNN, ABC and others worldwide write articles highlighting those movies that win. The categories continue to grow and each year these are given out to “honor” the worst in movies. These are handed out one day prior to the Oscar ceremony.

This year had it’s far share of less than entertaining or eye roll worthy movies. I can think of a few which might get my vote, though most of them I just check out solely from the trailer. I can honestly think of a few this year, already, that might make this list. “After Earth” got a few wins this year yet the biggest prize went to the movie “Movie 43”. So what goes wrong with these movies? What makes them so much worse than others?

I couldn’t sit through “After Earth” and I heard a few people actually tell me they enjoyed it, hope they don’t see these wins. I felt the movie, only 30 mins in, was too long, boring and didn’t have any reason for an audience to feel or be engaged in watching it. Movies fail when it has a horrible story, no reason for the audience to care, bad special effects, on top of various other things, but these movies that win have a little bit of everything, that is wrong.

Some people may not find the humor in this, but it’s all good fun. Just like there are good things, there are always bad too. Hollywood like everywhere else, needs to stay in reality that everything they put out whether it is big budget or has A-list actors, it can still be a horrible finished project. These are the kind of awards that keep Hollywood striving, I think, a bit more than the Oscars. No film wants to be remembered for getting a Razzie, so that just means it needs to work a bit harder. You might not get an Oscar but at least you didn’t get a Razzie, and that is something right? See the list below of the films that can’t say that this year.

Here is the complete list of those movies that walked away with awards this year:

Worst Picture
Movie 43

Worst Actor
Jaden Smith – After Earth

Worst Actress
Tyler Perry (in drag) – A Madea Christmas

Worst Supporting Actor
Will Smith – After Earth

Worst Supporting Actress
Kim Kardashian – Tyler Perry’s Temptation

Worst Screen Combo
Jaden Smith & Will Smith – After Earth

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel
The Lone Ranger

Worst Director
The 13 people who directed Movie 43

Worst Screenplay
Movie 43 (written by 19 “Screenwriters”)

So just like the Oscars what do you think? Do you agree with these Razzies? Were there worst movies this year? I couldn’t sit through all of “After Earth”, so I can understand this win. I have not see “Movie 43”, but after this win, is it worth the time? Please share your thoughts below. Do you think the Oscars or the Razzies got it more right this year? I am always listening, glad to hear from my readers. Be sure to check out my past articles and be on the look out next week. I am always looking for guest bloggers or suggestions, comment or email me. Until next time, happy reading and blogging!


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