Slow and Steady

Today is the end of another month and man do I have work to do. I have been writing for my other sites and on here and I have been neglecting my own writing. I have dedicated myself to writing my own work, my novel and eBook, but I have not gotten very far with either. I honestly just started writing my eBook and it keeps forming over time, but I think it will look/turn out good. The hardest part though is actually getting the work done.

As the old saying goes “slow and steady wins the race”. I guess I am living by that saying and at the very least I am working on something. I do wish that I was moving faster and there are times that I feel like I am wasting and I know that I should be working but I don’t. I often wonder do I not have the dedication or is it just that I have so much going on? I truly enjoy what I am doing now, getting the chance to see and do things that I would not have done if I wasn’t writing, but now I have even less time to do things that I feel I need. I know that writing my novel or eBook is not something that I “need” to do but if I want to further my career it is.

It always comes back to time management though. We must schedule and stick to our deadlines. In all honesty with my book, despite not having them be polished pages, I do have almost my goal. I wanted to have 80 pages complete by early March and I have almost 70, but that is because I am expanding what I was already writing and I had almost 30 pages. I know that if I want to meet my deadline I really need to get working and I guess doing that I need to get disciplined. I need to make myself a list or a schedule.

I have been putting in things so that I don’t forget them in my calendar. I need to start putting time and sticking to that time so that I will write. I think that writing to write is a good thing, even if I might have to do some editing, who doesn’t, then I will have it written. The hardest part to writing, really is writing. I need to just sit myself down and say I am going to write this many words a day and just do that. I was doing pretty good with writing about 1,000 words a day and honestly that isn’t much, but at least it would be a start.

So that is where it really starts. 1,000 words a day, on top of making sure that I keep up posting here and on my Examiner sites and all the other hundred things that I am doing. Wow sometimes we just put so much on our plates right? But that should keep us from being bored right? How about you? How are you doing with your writing or your goals? Please share with me, what keeps you motivated or on track? Happy Blogging and Happy Friday!


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