Searching to Find (Poem)

What you see in me,
Is what you see in yourself,
All the things you doubt,
Are written all over your face.

Don’t you see that beauty,
Isn’t lost so far away,
You have hope around you,
If you just looked up from your place.

You don’t have to worry and fret,
All that was before is long since gone,
I know that words won’t silence,
The loud voices you try and ignore,
But all my love can still keep trying.

The mind and the heart will always be at war,
We feel more than we often find we can understand,
So do we simply ignore all those emotions,
Or we embrace the good that our heart has in store.

It’s our human nature to doubt what we don’t understand,
But love can’t be explained, we must grab hold of it,
Fill our hands full until they are spilling over,
So that we must share all that we have with another,
To make our lives and world better and complete.

Don’t let the fear of what could have been,
Keep you from what might be now, take hold,
Leap from the roof top and parachute down,
Let your heart land safely in the arms of another,
Who will be sure to keep it and nurture it.

We are alone in this world until we find another,
Who is similar to us and needs as we do,
This life can be so cruel and lonely,
But that is why we must keep searching,
Until we are able to seek and find,
That just one person who will make it alright.


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