Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!! Check It Out!

Life just moves so quickly and it seems like I just can’t keep up. I have really been getting into writing for my Examiner pages. I currently have two:

1. Houston Movies Examiner

2. Houston Performing Arts Examiner

I honestly enjoy theatre and movies, just most things art. I started writing theatre reviews when I had Broadway Across America tickets and then overtime life seemed to take over. I have written reviews when I was in high school and college, though they were most for films. I have enjoyed both getting to stretch my wings with reviewing other things but also getting back to reviewing movies.

There are times that I feel like none of this writing really matters. I write for the world to read and feel like I am just another face in the crowd. I think sometimes it’s not about what you get from the creation of it, but what you get out of it. I guess like the saying goes “it’s about the journey”. I feel like already, since I have been writing, my review skills have improved and I hope that continue to perfect them over time.

I hope to grow my audience, like with her on my blog. If you enjoy what you have read, be sure to subscribe and you will be email notifications when I post new articles. I feel very blessed to be able to write about the things that I enjoy. I get to see world class performances and experience things that if I wasn’t writing for the Examiner I would not get to do. I think the ability to do what I enjoy and add it to something I feel comfortable or even I do well, is the ideal thing. Do I wish this was my job? That would be amazing, but for now, I am glad to be where I am and being able to share my thoughts, opinions and views with others.

Again if you enjoy what you read please be sure to subscribe and follow my blog here where I post about my adventures in writing, poetry and photo samples and my weekly segment “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…”. I enjoy the interactions I have had here and look forward to making even more. Happy reading all!


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