How It Will End (Poem)

Life can’t be the way I see it,
When I turn on the TV screen,
All of the hate and murder,
The things that drive the good away,
It leaves us all empty and wanting more,
Is this the world we live in today?

Can good come from unlikely places,
Are we the evilest of creatures,
That can’t create any good out of anything,
Are we doomed to be the beginning of the end,
When no light will shine down on us,
And we will be nothing but frozen drops of sand?

This can’t be the only way through,
This wanting and hoping yet never getting,
The light of nothing shining on forever,
Until we see our very own ends,
And we are left in a shallow black hole.

I could speak in less abstract terms,
But what is the difference anyway,
The words on the screen amount to nothing,
But words on a computer screen,
Unless you take them and enact them,
What can you do to change the world,
Is it too late for us all to make a difference?

Like hands coming from the ground,
They claw and scrape at my skin,
Until the blood begins to drip down,
I feel the life leaving my veins literally,
So this is how it all ends after all?
The world doesn’t end in a bang,
It ends in the failing silence of dying thoughts.


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