Who or What We Are (Poem)

Bored of this place I’m in right now,
Nowhere to go or run towards,
I’m just a coin tossed around,
I am here one moment and gone the next,
So where will you go when you can,
Will you be like the wind and blow by,
Or will you be like the waves and crash home?

Can there be a direction for the directionless,
If there is no light on the horizon,
Is there some way to create something to move towards?
Can we locate a guide for our hearts and souls,
That our minds can latch our thoughts upon,
Who will show us just where we need to go?

I have been lost here for so long,
Searching and trying to find a place to belong,
No one has found me, who understands the pain,
So these words I let seep from my mouth,
Like the rain dripping from the trees,
As a stream starts to form like the tears collecting,
From a crying baby who wails in the night,
Hoping for some relief yet finds none.

Can there be hope still, a way to go on,
When we feel so beaten down and torn,
And we worry that we won’t find a way out,
Yet suddenly we begin to see,
Just who we are isn’t all we are,
We can be someone else, if we try,
We can be that person we aspire to be,
If we just keep on believing in tomorrow.

I haven’t seen forever but I hear it calling,
This idea of a legacy or something greater,
When we can’t see our past because it’s so far behind us,
And our future so far out ahead we can’t catch up,
But we still keep on trying and striving,
Because we aren’t just here today and gone tomorrow,
What we leave behind is who we are and what matters,
So will it be a puddle of rain dried up with the sun,
Or seeds planted in the ground that will one day grow?


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