Getting Our Chance

There are people that seem to have it all figured out. They have a plan and they execute it. I wrote a post about getting your dreams someone mentioned luck. There are times that I think about it and I think luck isn’t what matters, it’s about actions right? When you stop and think about, it has to be luck, at least partly. After all the saying is, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Even that lends to the fact that you don’t have to have the best skills, but you just have to know the right people who can use your skills. Things like this are just frustrating and part of why most of the time we feel like life just isn’t fair.

I read an article on Huffington Post, about two teenage girls who created a million dollar business before they entered high school. The kind of headline takes your breathe away but then you read the article. These teens live in upscale Hollywood and their mother happens to have the same hairdresser as Jennifer Aniston. These girls run a hair clip business and she wore one on the red carpet so of course other stars jumped on board, then of course it snowballed. We exhale. Oh, well all they had to do was get their mommies help to become millionaires, sigh. Is the American Dream dead? I have read articles that say that it is, or at least the dream that the nation once had is gone. We don’t have that kind of economy anymore and just don’t really have the chances like before, it seems.

Granted we still read stories like that and wonder why can’t I do that, or we wonder why we don’t know people who can help us further ourselves. Why can’t it ever be our time? I guess I tend to think that we can create our own luck though too. I guess that is part of the social media appeal. We create what we want to create and then we send it out into the world, in word, video, art or whatever format we choose. We want to have people see/read it and share it with others or want to keep coming back. People post videos on YouTube in the hopes that they will become viral and it might even end up on Good Morning America or something making national news.

Ultimately, it really all boils down to the talent or the hook. Just like a reporter, or really any writer, your first line needs to draw people in and make them want to keep reading. So what draws in people and keeps them coming back is the fact that you are writing what they want to read, doing it in a good way and creating a hook each time. Most of the time if you get your “15 mins of fame” then you simply seem to fade out of the spotlight. But who wants that right? I don’t want to “make it” and then be forgotten. That is what separates us, those who do and do not have talent. Luck or chance might get us noticed but do we have the skills/ability to stay there that is what matters.


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