Things Undone (Poem)

Reaching out for a life, I’ll never get to see,
The places and all the people, I’ll never get to meet,
Just when I think, I am headed for a score,
I wake up and it’s a dream, I get nothing in return.

Where is this life I have wanted to have,
When I search in the night for riches and success,
I awake to the reality of just being poor,
The rich get richer while the poor, well you know.

How can we live in a world so broken,
What relief can we find here or can we,
Is there nothing better that we can seek,
Are we just lost here chasing our tails?

Do we live for today or maybe it’s tomorrow,
How can we ever know or ever hope to understand,
When we are like the birds with our heads in the ground,
Walking but not moving, looking but not seeing?

Laugh in the face of those who came before,
Think they mean nothing to no one,
Where are they now when they have no legacy,
Who they were then doesn’t matter now.

There are no answers for questions not asked,
We can’t get what we aren’t meant to have,
You want something more then go get it,
But don’t sit around just waiting for it to appear.

Tangible things can’t come from intangible ones,
Movement can’t be created by standing still,
Striving for something that isn’t reachable,
It’s like trying to stop the wind from blowing.

If it can’t be done we must accept it,
Hang out heads a while and get back up,
Just because we fail doesn’t mean we quit,
Find a new way to make what wasn’t possible, into what’s possible.


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