The American Dream at Its Worst..In Life and the Movies

Last night, I finally watched the movie “Pain and Gain” and boy was it a crazy ride. I honestly didn’t want to see it when it originally came out because it looked silly. Base it on my young age or my lack of being interested in watching the news religiously but I had no idea that it was based on a true story or just how closely based on the true story it was. After watching the movie, searched around and found a YouTube video of the “48 Hours” episode that explained about what happened. I thought about writing a review for the movie, but not sure how I would do it exactly and just sort of wanted to talk about how crazy it all was that happened.

When I first heard and saw the trailers for this movie, I just ignored them because it looked like another stupid, mindless, idiotic comedy and I had no interest in it. I then heard from a co-worker that it was not what I expected and so I became a little more interested and eventually it came to the point that I was going to watch it. I decided that I would give it a shot and see how it was and then it started and it said based on a true story. I thought, hmm most of the time those are pretty good movies and so I settled in to watch.

I didn’t know who the director was, although it was Michael Bay, so that explained a bit about why there were some shots and the overall feel of the movie. It had the “Bad Boys” feel and filming style, so it was a bit over the top, but it is Bay so it all makes sense. It is of course staring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson and I personally enjoy both of these guys and their movies. I had an idea of what to expect from their acting and for the most part it was just what I would have expected.

Not only just at the start but even while the movie is going on it has to remind you that you are watching a true story, it truly is that unbelievable. The basic story, although most I am sure know now either due to the news or the movie, is a group of body builders, lead by Daniel Lugo, who take and distort the American Dream. Like anything in the world, we can always take anything and pervert it and that is exactly what these guys did. They get the bright idea of kidnapping a man and torturing him to get all of his money and assets. Of course the three, in the movie, although apparently in the true story there were more, end up running through money and must do another job. This time, almost from the start, these guys go out for blood. They end up murdering a couple in hopes of getting more money, although they didn’t realize this was the beginning of the end.

These men went on a hunt for the “American Dream” in the easiest, least amount of work way. These men felt like they were entitled to something that they did not work to achieve. People are entitled to get what they work for and bunch of body builders who believe that they deserve millions, just because they think so, is more than a little crazy! I think in a way that is what we all want a little something more than what we are really worth, but isn’t that what the American Dream is really about. You can come here and get what you want out of life, get everything that your heart desires, because that is what the American dream says.

Sometimes I think that we need stop and realize what it is that we want. Where do we want to be and are what we thinking about ourselves and our dreams realistic or legal? These men went completely insane and for what? Money, a lifestyle, what is the point of that? You lose everything for the all mighty dollar and you are left with nothing. People tend to forget about the things that really matter, like home and love in the worthless pursuit of money, fame and material things. I think that if we all need a reminder for what we should want out of life or need a reminder of how wrong our lives could go if we are in pursuit of the wrong things, this would be a good reminder. It’s sad that people had to lose their lives over such an ignorance such as this, all we can hope is maybe others will learn and not do such things.


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