I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Celebrity Edition

Another week, another issue, another post. Sometimes it seems like that, just “another” although we might not be getting where we want to be, but we are getting further along. I can’t say if my segments each week are having an impact overall, but I know that these at least get a few views every now and then and a couple comments too. I am hoping overtime this will continue to grow and others will possibly want to participate as well. Ideas, guest posters and suggestions are always welcome below and at my email: thepursuit.beingcreative@gmail.com so please keep reading and letting know what you think about it all.

I was humbled this weekend by the notification of finally getting a 1,000 likes on here too. It has been almost three months and I am pleased with that. I appreciate all of those who have come across my blog and liked, read, commented or anything. We only get better by putting the work in and making adjustments when needed. So without any other adieu for this week’s reading please my topic is celebrities.

TV Guide: Another Star Done with the “Public” Life

Celebrities seem to be in a class of their own. They live, or work, out in Hollywood aka Lala Land. They seem to be able to get away with murder and no one does anything about it. You hear about them getting speeding tickets, DUIs, arrested for fighting and you name it and a celebrity has probably been in trouble for it. I guess it isn’t a new thing that some of these celebrities want to get away from all the craziness of it all.

Most celebrities now have homes or lives away from all the spotlight or flashy cameras. Celebrities after all are just normal people, who make outrageous amounts of money. For that money they make, they have certain things that they must deal with, you can’t be a movie star and not be famous, well let me say a successful one. There are those who do “fly under the radar” and can avoid the major spotlight of it all, but as artist of course we want fans. We want the fame and recognition that says this is who I am and you recognize me so it’s a way of saying you appreciate me and my work.

There seems to be a big push lately of stars for one reason or another, like Alec Baldwin who is the focus of the article, that talks about walking away from it all. Being all over the news, no one could have missed the chaos that was Shia LaBeouf after he was accused of plagiarism and his denouncing of public life. Since it has come out that it was all a stunt, which brings to mind that of Joaquin Phoenix who stated similar reasons for his questionable brush with sanity a few years back. Baldwin now though has thrown his hat into the “giving up” ring. He is “done” with the public life. It’s funny that he says that, because he might be but it doesn’t mean that public life is done with him.

I guess in a way all celebrities might come and fade, but they do stay around regardless. Even if he does hold true to his word about being done, we will see him again in the re-runs and “where are they now” stuff. Most celebrities, like everyone, complain about things, but they can’t truly hate the publicity, I mean that just means they still have a career right? If they didn’t want it, they would either have given up a long time ago and disappeared or they would slip quietly away. Is he done? I seriously doubt it, one way or the other, not sure I would mind it much. There is always another celebrity in line after him just waiting for the spotlight.

Want to weigh in? Got something to say about this or any of my other pieces? Please leave a comment below, pingback or send me an email. I would love to hear from you, also if you have something to say and want to guest post, please send me a message with your suggestion and you could be featured next week or the coming weeks in my “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” segment. Happy blogging!


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